Overrides Creator For Responsive Images

Type your template name and then press the button Get it!. You will end up with a .zip file, this is a plugin jusst install it in your Joomla 4. The plugin will copy the overrides (in case overrides already exist, will backup them, so don't worry) and then will automatically uninstall, so only the overrides will be the added files.

A note that these overrides are for templates that are using the standard Joomla overriding system. If your template uses it's own overriding system the overrides probably won't work, so check your template before...

Since Joomla 4.0.6 there is only one override layouts/joomla/html/image.php but for B/C reasons the layouts/ttc/image.php it's still there.

This is a client side app that will create a plugin to automatically install the overrides for the Responsive Images plugin.

Source @Github