Using responsive images in layouts

The most powerfull feature of the plugin responsive images is the ability to use it on any layout in Joomla, making it the utlimate and together with the Cache Invalidation/Versioning the only thing you will ever need...

Enable Responsive images ANYWHERE

Enabling Responsive images in any Component/Module/Template is as easy as it gets

 * Assuming that the imports exist in the top of the file
 * or they need to be added, eg.:
use Joomla\CMS\Layout\LayoutHelper;

 * Also assumes that the image URL is in a variable named $imageUrl
 * And that the image alt attribute value is a variable named $imageAlt
$image = '<img
            src="' . $imageUrl . '"
            alt="' . $imageAlt . '"
            // Other attributes

// Replace the old code with:
echo LayoutHelper::render(
    'img' => $image,
    'breakpoints' => [320, 768, 1200]

A note for people updating to version 4:

The old code will not work, you have to edit all your instanses.

Since version 4.0.6 there is no need for custom overrides for the core views. The plugin will handle it automatically.