Adjusting the settings to your needs

The Plugin tab

On the langing page of the plugin you can enable or disable the plugin or adjust the Access level or the Order of execution. Basically these are basic settings found across the Joomla plugins, if you need further help on these please refer to Joomla'a documentation.

The plugin landing page

The Components tab

Here you can adjust when the plugin will be invoked for the event onContentPrepare.

Content behaviour

The Behaviour tab

Here you can adjust the inner plugin features.

The base settings

The Quality tab

In order to produce WebP or Avif images your server needs
the appropriate GD/Imagick and/or Libavif support

Soursets settings

The Scalling tab

The Allow scalling up field will enable or disable the creation of images using upscalling to match all the given widths (the ones assigned in the Behaviour tab).